Not just for big business, now you too can use a professional payment processing system - right on your mobile.

Stop operating your business with inconvenient payment options, hand written receipts and incorrect record keeping. Biz.Transact is developed with you and your customer in mind; with minimal effort sell and record your services, and issue receipts, invoices and statements directly from your mobile device.

Biz.Transact Electronic Payments

Increase sales and make it easier for your customers to pay you by processing real-time credit card payments right on your iPhone!
We are now accepting applications for
Biz.Transact Electronic Payments accounts.
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Standard Edition is completely FREE!

Easy To Use

Having a feature rich system does not mean it has to be complicated. Every action and process has been carefully designed to let you get on with the job. See for yourself - it's free!

General Features

Payment Flexibility

Retain your customers and secure your prospects with a full featured payment processing system. Professionally operate to suit yours and your customer's needs. Each sale can detail each service allowing for same day or set date full or part payment, accommodating all payment methods - say yes when customers ask to pay by credit card.

Business In A Pocket

See at a glance how much money you've made, how much you're owed, and keep on top of overdue accounts. Operate your business on the go, saving time to serve more customers and best of all, knock off time means just that... no more after hours paperwork.

Invoicing and Receipts

Have fully branded receipts for services sales automatically emailed to customers at point-of-sale. Issue periodic account statements and reminder invoices to customers.

Multi-use Quoting

Quoting is no longer a chore. Integrated throughout the system, quote and re-quote all with the efficiency of re-usable content as stored in templates. Whether it be your regular service or a detailed job, there's no need to start from scratch each time.

Easy Customer Management

Store customer contact details and notes for easy lookup, email and phone them directly from within the app.

Track Used Services

Keep control of your business. Record each service as they are performed. Automatically track the number of services used and how many services each customer has remaining.

Pro Edition

Ready to get serious with your small business?

Biz.Transact is completely free to download and use. The free edition allows you to add up to five customers, which gets you started growing your business using Biz.Transact.

As your business grows, let Biz.Transact grow with you by upgrading to Pro Edition.

For a very affordable, one-off in-app purchase of AU$19.99, Pro Edition allows you to add an unlimited number of customers.

How to Upgrade to Pro Edition

To upgrade, go to Settings inside the app, then tap on the Upgrade to Pro Edition button.
It's as simple as that!


It doesn't get much simpler, or more powerful than this!

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Real-time Credit Card Payments

Mobilise Your Customer Payments!

Now you can accept credit card from your customers when selling services through your iPhone.
Integrated directly into the existing sales and payment management features of Biz.Transact, making credit and debit card payments using Biz.Transact is as simple as using cash!

Electronic Payments Features

With Biz.Transact Electronic Payments*, you can enjoy all of the following and more:

  • Process Visa, MasterCard and AMEX credit and debit card transactions quickly and securely.
  • Completely bank-independent. No need to change your existing bank account.
  • Simple application process that doesn't feel like you're applying for a mortgage.
  • Choose the merchant account type that best suits your business to save you money.
  • Choose to automatically pass on the card processing fees to your customers, or absorb them yourself as a business expense.
  • World-class security. Card sales are processed with advanced security and encryption technology. Your customers can rest in peace with the knowledge their card details are not stored on your mobile device at all.


First of all, as opposed to most banks there are no monthly account keeping fees with Biz.Transact Electronic Payments!

Best of all, with Biz.Transact Electronic Payments, you get to choose an account that best suits your business.

Are you an operator who tends to sell services that are of typically high value but do so infrequently, or do you tend to sell lots of smaller-value services? We understand that every home services business is different and we're proud to be able to let you choose an account that best reflects the type of business you are.

This means you can pick the account type that minimises the amount of credit card fees you pay. This is great for you and even better for your customers.

You can find out more on specific pricing by contacting us.

* Biz.Transact Electronic Payments are available for Australian customers only at present. US availability is coming soon.

How to Apply for an Electronic Payments Account

It is quick and easy to apply for an Electronic Payments account!

Simply download the app from the App Store here.

In the app, go to the Settings screen by tapping the menu button at the top-left of the screen, then navigate to Electronic Payments.

If you have any questions regarding Electronic Payments, please contact us.

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